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Facebook challenges Snapchat, launches Facebook Stories




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    Earlier this month, an exciting piece of news from the world of social media video was announced, Facebook Stories.

    As we know, Facebook is renowned for being a company that is not afraid to innovate or try new things, they are constantly updating the platform and challenging the way we communicate, sometimes with somewhat negative feedback. Their success has come for seeking out new ways to allow it’s users to engage with one another. Earlier this year, Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, launched Instagram Stories, a competitor product to Snapchat, that allowed its users to tell stories in a sequence of photos and videos that were strung together throughout the day and disappeared after 24 hours. At the start of this year, Instagram Stories had hit over 150 million daily users and many businesses large and small have taken to the platform to market themselves in new ways.

    And it seems Facebook is trying to mimic this success and apply it to its own platform, and have just announced Facebook stories, which as far as we can tell will function in a very similar way to Instagram stories and Snapchat. Using Facebook’s in app camera it will allow you to take pictures and videos, add filters and text and share these for a limited time with your friends. 

    Now Instagram is certainly well established with a vastly growing user base, but with Facebook boasting the largest share of users than any other Social Media Platform, it is no surprise that they have decided to offer this feature to their own users. With so many social media platforms to choose from, businesses are often somewhat overwhelmed as each channel requires its own strategy and unique content. With this new addition to the Facebook product line, it appears to be making life easier for those who can’t keep up with the constant changes across the social media landscape, and it’ll be interesting to see how this new feature develops and how businesses will start using this new feature.

    At the moment Facebook Stories is being rolled out and tested across Ireland, with the view to then introduce it to more countries over the coming months, so with any luck we could see this feature become available to us here in the UK sometime soon.

    Now I imagine this feature will be limited to personal accounts for the time being, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be made use of by businesses. Much like LinkedIn, employees could take advantage of this and use their own profiles to highlight the businesses they work for and share update and behind the scenes snippets with their friends and colleagues.

    So if you’re debating which social media platform to assign most of your efforts, I would strongly recommend you show Facebook a little more love, and grow your reach on there - there are exciting times ahead, and this is certainly something you want to make sure that both you and your business are a part of.